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Wealthy individuals, their families, and their businesses’ financial interests often cross international borders, which can add complexity. Our international team is very experienced in helping clients plan and manage their financial affairs in an efficient and proactive manner, on a holistic basis.  We work alongside tax and legal specialists to ensure clients’ wealth is structured and managed effectively for long-term growth and preservation.

Our clients include:

  • non-domiciled residents;
  • US tax payers;
  • offshore trusts; and
  • UK citizens with multi-jurisdictional assets.

PWM’s International service offers an unrivalled approach to wealth management for your assets at home and abroad. We work in partnership with you to navigate the challenges and complexities inherent in international financial considerations.

We offer a holistic advice service for clients predominantly resident in the UK, including:

  • lifetime cash flow planning;
  • retirement planning;
  • multi-currency/cross border investing; and
  • US compliant investments.

Please click here to see our frequently asked questions from US tax payers in the UK.

Download our Domiciles guide Download our Remittance Basis guide

Download our UK Residence guide Download our US-UK Investment guide

For an introductory meeting without obligation, please contact Partner and Head of PWM International, Nathan Prior.

Cashflow planning

It is not just a case of having enough liquid assets, it pays to plan ahead and know where and when cash flows might be available to meet specific needs. This requirement is enhanced when needing to consider multiple currencies and jurisdictions as it is not always efficient to move assets across borders.

When might you want to contact us:

  • if you are seeking consolidated oversite and planning for your finances;
  • if considering or using the remittance basis, thus accumulating offshore assets;
  • if you have expenses in multiple currencies/jurisdictions; and/or
  • if you are considering making gifts or placing assets into structures, such as trusts.

Retirement/pension planning

Considering how to fund retirement is a more complex question than many initially think. For example, it can have knock on effects to inheritance considerations and there are multiple tax considerations to consider whilst accumulating and drawing on the pension.

When might you want to contact us:

  • if you have multiple pension schemes, including non-UK schemes or QROPS;
  • if you have annual allowance constraints and/or lifetime allowance constraints; and/or
  • if you are potentially seeking to draw benefits when you are non-resident.

Multi-currency and jurisdiction investing

We consistently review and analyse investment managers to identify the best to suit any client scenario. As well as a full suite of UK domestic investment services, we can also advise on offshore mandates and foreign currency mandates, providing a consolidated investment strategy across managers, tailored to meet your objectives.

When might you want to contact us:

  • if you are seeking independent advice to identify and monitor the best investment strategies and managers to suit your personal requirements;
  • if you have multiple investment mandates requiring consolidated oversite; and/or
  • if you have offshore assets or foreign currency investment requirements.

US compliant investment solutions

Most independent advisors and most bank or investment managers do not have the experience or capability to work with US connected individuals. Our specialist advisors understand the complexities and are very experienced in advising clients invest in suitable solutions to maintain efficiencies in both the UK and the USA.

When might you want to contact us:

  • if you are a US Citizen living in the UK;
  • if you have worked in the USA and so have US investment plans;
  • if you or family members are considering moving to the USA; and/or
  • if you have investment structures with a US connection.

We have also advised many individuals and families who have found their existing investments are not ideal, to transition into solutions that are efficient and better suited to their needs.

A comprehensive financial plan that has given us great peace of mind over our finances.
Non-Domiciled Client, London

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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