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Wealthy individuals, their families, and their businesses’ financial interests often cross international borders. Our international team is very experienced in helping clients structure their domestic and international financial affairs in an efficient and proactive manner, on a holistic basis.  We work alongside tax and legal specialists to ensure clients’ wealth is structured and managed effectively for long-term growth and preservation.

The PWM International service offers an unrivalled approach to wealth management at home and abroad. We work in partnership with you to navigate the challenges and complexities inherent in international financial considerations, which may include managing cash flows in multiple currencies or having to comply with tax and legal complexities in multiple jurisdictions.

Our clients include:

  • Non-UK domiciled individuals;
  • UK citizens living abroad;
  • US citizens living in the UK; and
  • Offshore Trustees.

For an introductory meeting without obligation, please contact Partner and Head of PWM International, Nathan Prior.

Why choose us?

Clients who work with find they enjoy a range of benefits that includes:

  • Our knowledgeable and experienced advisers take a holistic approach and sit on your side of the table
  • We’re truly independent which means that the advice clients receive from us is always bespoke to their needs; we aren’t tied to any financial group or bank
  • All our advisers are dedicated to building your financial freedom and security and will put in place and manage the most appropriate financial strategy for your circumstances
  • We offer financial advice on wills, trusts and estate planning from a UK and overseas perspective
  • Our property search and financing service operates in the UK and internationally, catering for all your real estate needs
  • We can recommend the right protection policies for you and your family including life insurance, health insurance and cover for your property and possessions
  • We provide independent advice on Tier 1 Investor Visa Mandates
  • Our Foreign Exchange service provides expert guidance on important issues such as currency transaction timing. It offers faster and cheaper currency transfers and transactions than high the street banks, including future exchange rate contracts.

Our structure means we are agile and able to respond quickly to your needs. It also means you have access to senior-level professionals who provide exceptional service, and will work with you to help you secure your worldwide goals.

Some of the most complex planning set out in a way that can be easily understood
Former Tax Manager, Bird & Bird and Former Assistant Tax Manager Linklaters

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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