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Do you yearn for freedom and flexibility but know fundamentally you and your clients need the infrastructure of a well-established independent partnership?

If you’re looking to forge your career in the delivery of bespoke financial solutions to high-net-worth clients and you’re keen to play your part in helping them meet their ultimate goal of financial freedom, then you may find just what you’re looking for at Partners Wealth Management.

Partners Wealth Management is an award-winning partnership, founded to bring pure independent advice to meet the bespoke needs of high-net-worth individuals.

The partnership was founded with the following guiding principles, which still remain at the heart of our business today:

  • Lifelong partnership with our clients.
  • Investment Independence and Innovation – the freedom to partner with all leading investment managers.
  • PWM’s Private Office – partnering clients with leading solutions in all areas of financial need.

Our Partnership Strategy is simple. We believe in human freedom, individuality and the ability of technology to sit neatly alongside personal client service.


These beliefs attract outstanding advisers who have increasing concerns about how the commoditising approach of larger organisations is restricting their ability to best service their clients. These individuals join and in time become partners in our business, meaning everyone at Partners Wealth Management is passionately client-centric and committed to true independence. This allows us to deliver the best for clients in lifelong partnerships – throughout their journey towards financial freedom and beyond. If you’re an experienced adviser enjoying a client following of £10m to £100m, harbouring the desire and entrepreneurial drive to take control of your own future, we would welcome the opportunity to arrange an introductory conversation with one of our Leadership team.

Become a Partner

Our empowering culture allows leading advisers to thrive

Nathan Prior

“At Partners Wealth Management I have the freedom and ownership to set my own ambitions and shape my business growth in a manner that I am comfortable with. Balancing work with fun and a personal life is everyone’s goal and it is very much achievable, and encouraged, at PWM.”

Stephen Mills

“I was interested to see if the promise of PWM’s unique culture would be a reality. I loved the idea of running my own business without too much interference but with the infrastructure and camaraderie that I wanted. Did Partners Wealth Management deliver? They did.”

Matt Johnston

“Life at Partners Wealth Management is great, as I have been supported to grow my own practice over the last 6 years.  The developments within PWM have added value and depth to the service I provide, through links to professional services firms, client reporting, enhancing deposit returns, general insurance etc.”

Hilary Schofield

“I joined PWM because I liked the idea of total flexibility and freedom to build my own practice based on my trusted client relationships. I was also motivated to do this whilst enjoying life thoroughly outside work. I was concerned initially by the leap from the security of a salary and all the other associated benefits to becoming self-employed. I also worried would my clients come with me and was I throwing it all away! By talking to other advisers in the partnership who had joined, I overcame these fears.”

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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