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Investment Independence and Innovation

At Partners Wealth Management we appreciate that each investor is unique and that even clients in similar financial circumstances may have slightly different investment needs. We represent you – matching your objectives to the best solutions. We maintain a complete absence of bias in investment selection because the performance of different investment instruments and groups may vary according to market conditions. This is why Partners Wealth Management provides investment independence and by maintaining this objectivity we believe we offer clients the best chance of achieving strong results with innovative investment solutions.

Outstanding Independent Research Delivers Performance

We create tailored portfolios, selecting blends of best of breed managers, utilising the unique insights we gain from our partners, leading research group Asset Risk Consultants (ARC). ARC began working exclusively for high net-worth individuals, corporates and charities recommending who should receive mandates of £5m to £500m. This gave them unparalleled access to all leading Discretionary Investment Groups.

At Partners Wealth we saw how this unique insight could create advantage for our clients and contracted ARC for our research. ARC applies their scoring methodology, incorporating assessment of their four main factors (Control, Clients, Costs and Consistency), prioritising strong return at defined risk, to create our exclusive Matrix of leading managers and with that achieved what matters – demonstrable strong performance.

In addition, by being truly independent with our investment solutions, your adviser is able to create a bespoke portfolio tailored to your risk appetite, utilising investment groups who excel in your particular risk area. This can include our ARC managers at the core but also be widened to include Specialist Funds, Private Equity, Structured Investment or any area that can help you build the portfolio you desire.

Selection is the Key to Success

It is impossible for any one group to master every style and be the best in each area, but increasingly we are seeing banks and advisory firms building and marketing their own one-size-fits-all models. The advantage of your adviser being truly independent is simple – they do not have in-house products offered by their employer that they are required to sell to you, rather they sit on the same side of the table, working with you to tailor the perfect blend of managers from the marketplace.

At Partners Wealth Management, your adviser can build a core portfolio for you by considering a variety of investment managers and funds.  To complement this, we can also construct a satellite portfolio with a variety of different ideas, such as ethical, absolute return, structured notes, Venture Capital Trusts, Enterprise Investment Schemes or Seed Enterprise Investment Schemes, by specialist leading research partners.

Our Partnership with Asset Risk Consultants (ARC)

Through our investment manager selection, we get a unique insight into the performance and internal workings of all the UK’s leading groups from our partnership with research boutique ARC. For decades ARC have acted for high net-worth families, corporates and charities, mapping investment mandates to managers anywhere between £5m and £500m. Their indices are the acknowledged benchmark for private client performance, and our partnership with them gives our advisers and clients unique market insight.

Diversification across managers and asset classes helps reduce investment risk in increasingly volatile markets.

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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