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Life Insurance and Protection

We all want to do the best for our families, and ensure we keep them properly protected on every occasion. Understandably, nobody wants to dwell on the unwelcome and unexpected events that life sometimes has in store. This means that it can be all too easy to overlook the benefits of protection insurance that could be a great help financially in the case of an accident, illness or death.

We help clients ensure they have the right types of policy in place across a range of potential risk scenarios, providing much-needed peace of mind for them and their families.

It is important to remember that protection policies don’t just pay a lump sum on death or the diagnosis of a critical illness, they can also play a major role in estate and business planning, help parents pass their wealth on to future generations tax-efficiently, and can have a major role to play in inheritance tax planning too.

Protection for you and your loved ones

We offer practical advice on life insurance and income protection policies that would provide a lump sum or a regular income if disaster were to strike, meaning your family would be able to pay off the mortgage and other debts, and continue to have the lifestyle they enjoy.

If you were diagnosed with a life-threatening illness that meant you were too ill to work, then a critical illness policy would provide a regular tax-free replacement income, removing financial worries and avoiding the need to dip into capital at a difficult time.

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The benefits of putting policies in trust

There is a simple and effective way to legally avoid Inheritance Tax (IHT) on any policy pay out that we regularly recommend to our clients. Life insurance policies written under trust don’t form part of an estate when it comes to calculating IHT. They have another benefit too; life policy proceeds can be paid out before probate is granted and therefore provide an effective means of getting money quickly into the hands of beneficiaries.

Our value-added service

We know that over the years our clients’ protection needs are likely to change. We’re on hand to ensure that they always have the type and level of cover that’s appropriate for their circumstances. So, if they get married, divorced, have a family, take on a bigger mortgage or more debt, get a new job, or are approaching retirement, then we’ll make sure they have the right policies in place. We research the market to ensure we secure the best rates and most comprehensive cover on every occasion.

Our service also includes home insurance and health care plans. For businesses, we offer the full range of protection policies that they are likely to need, including shareholder and key man insurance, group life insurance and pensions.

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