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Sustainable Investing

Sustainable investing has moved from a niche sector to the mainstream, supported by Governments, industries and individuals alike. We have now passed the tipping point where all investors should consider including sustainable investments as part of their portfolios. Investors should believe that there is a performance trade-off, sacrificing financial returns to include sustainable considerations. 

The investment market now comprises seasoned sustainable fund managers with over 20 years’ experience as well as many new entrants. As more capital is committed to sustainable investment, the market will become increasingly crowded, adding to the complexity of making the right decision. 

We have been leading the sustainable conversation with our clients, to understand their thoughts on green investment, and their aspirations for our planet and future generations. Armed with an understanding of our client’s views, and our unique partnership with leading research group Asset Risk Consultants, we have developed The PWM Green Matrix.

Cutting through the green investment jungle, we have filtered more than 3,000 investments using our own independent sustainable green methodology to identify the leading green investment propositions. 

Experience has shown us that our clients engage with sustainable investing differently. Wherever you are on the green spectrum, we are able to match your requirements with the appropriate sustainable portfolio. 

The PWM Green Matrix allows us to work with you, matching your individual requirements to the most suitable sustainable investments, creating your own bespoke green investment footprint. 

Download The PWM Green Matrix Download our Sustainable Investing guide


How can we help?

Being independent means that we can maintain the necessary oversight and objectivity to find the best solutions to meet your sustainable investment needs.

There are no certainties in investing but we can address a long-standing concern for some investors. Can these environmental and social challenges be addressed without detracting from investment performance?…….The answer is simple, yes they can.


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