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US Citizens

If you are a US connected individual, you will likely have a requirement to file tax returns with the IRS and comply with US tax rules, regardless of where you are physically resident. This means that US citizens living around the world need to have a clear understanding of their financial position and often need help navigating the reporting requirements and tax rules. We have expertise in helping UK residents with US tax reporting requirements and are here to help!

As a US taxpayer resident in the UK, there will be tax reporting requirements in both jurisdictions, potentially global in both cases and sometimes with conflicting rules. The complexity of these rules and the administrative burden is not only challenging for individuals but has led to many UK financial services businesses being deterred from working with US citizens and US businesses to close accounts for UK residents.

At Partners Wealth Management, our experienced advisers are able to guide you through the rules and help you to invest compliantly and efficiently for both jurisdictions. Our service includes oversight of both your UK and US assets so that you have a coordinated strategy and can optimise your tax position using all the tools available.

For an introductory meeting without obligation, please contact Partner and Head of PWM International, Nathan Prior.

Useful Resources

An Introduction to US-UK Investment and Financial Planning

  • Despite a long-standing tax treaty in place between the USA and the UK, which should minimise the chance of double taxation for individuals who find themselves taxable in both jurisdictions, there remain plenty of pitfalls. Our guide considers some of the key questions or items to be aware of.

FAQs from US tax payers in the UK

  • We have compiled a list of FAQs based on the most popular queries from US tax payers in the UK on topics including how UK investments are taxed in the USA, how US investments are taxed and how to make savings for minor children.

US Expats: The advice you need if your US bank wants to close your account

  • We have been hearing of another wave of complications for American taxpayers living abroad.  Our article considers the current position and how the stance adopted by these financial institutions could have a major effect on your wealth.

Planning for the US tax year end from the UK? Our top three tips 

  • Read our checklist for our top tips if you are planning for the US tax year end from the UK.

Investment options for Americans living in the UK

  • Living in a foreign country is not a new concept and the question over which country has the right to tax a person has been disputed for many years. Read our article on the pitfalls to be mindful of, and some options to efficiently invest without negative tax consequences.

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