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The Retirement Run Up

Over a third of our clients join us in the five years running up to retirement. There are several reasons for this:

  • This pending change in circumstance is often a pivotal point to seek independent expertise.
  • Dominance of work thus far has meant little time for clients to focus on their own affairs.
  • A fresh perspective adds insight and knowledge at this crucial time.

A common conundrum clients often bring to us is, when can I afford to retire?  We call this being retirement ready. Our Lifetime Wealth Model helps provides clarity and answers your questions:

  • How much can we sustainably spend?
  • Can we spend more now and less later on?
  • Can we buy a second home?
  • What is the impact if we help children with property purchases or education fees?
  • Will we need to downsize from the family home?
  • What is the impact of lower than expected returns?
  • How can we gift effectively to reduce tax on the wealth created during our lifetime?

Those approaching the stage where work is less full time, also benefit from the way we define this life phase not as retirement but as Financial Freedom. The stimulation of work may continue for many but may be intellectual, portfolio, charitable or simply part time in nature. We seek to help people find the answers regarding what their wealth means for them and how they would like to use it positively – for themselves, for their families and for others – in both life and legacy.

Our initial Retirement Run Up Review is without fee or obligation. This explains how we can help with the creation of your bespoke Lifetime Wealth Model and a comprehensive review of your plans and investments. Clients who have gone through it find the process invaluable in deepening this insight into their finances and life plans.

Contact us to arrange an initial conversation and find out whether you are retirement ready.

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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