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High net worth clients come to us because of our proven results, and the superior returns that we are able to produce for them. We’re truly independent and don’t have in-house products to sell. This gives us freedom to select expert investment managers who consistently outperform the market. We use ARC, the UK’s leading provider of investment research and performance monitoring, to guide our selection of the most appropriate investments for our clients, rigorously tracking performance indices across a wide range of sectors and markets.

How we help investors reach their goals

No two investors are the same, that’s why we begin by understanding your financial personality, getting to know you, your situation, your attitude to risk, any investment preferences you may have and what you want your wealth to achieve for you and your family. This enables us to provide you with the appropriate services and level of advice and support you need.

Experience tells us that people will look to have in place an investment strategy that’s designed to meet their specific goals and time horizons, one that is well-researched and meticulously constructed for their individual needs.

You may be looking to grow the long-term value of your wealth, to provide an income for your later years or to pass capital on to future generations. A successful portfolio is one that balances investment potential with a level of risk that you find acceptable. Increasingly, growing the value of your portfolio entails keeping abreast of market intelligence, factoring in the effects of global developments, and blending a diversified range of investments from different sectors of the economy and markets, at home and around the globe.

Our discretionary investment management service

We know that investors don’t always have the time needed to follow ongoing developments in financial markets. And those with packed schedules and busy lives find it easier and more reassuring to rely on our professional asset management expertise.

With our discretionary service, we agree with you in advance the investment goals you wish to pursue. We then assume the responsibility of managing your portfolio and implementing your strategy, without the need to involve you in day-to-day matters, or seek agreement before making changes to your investments, meaning you are freed from the need to be available to discuss complex decisions that you might find time-consuming.

And of course, we keep in regular contact. We plan to meet you annually for a full review of your investments. At this meeting, we revisit your investment goals, noting any changes you might want us to make to your strategy. We also provide half-yearly valuations backed up by a full transaction history. You can also view your portfolio online anytime through our secure portal, making us accountable to you 24/7.

As a Big 4 firm partner, I also have severe restrictions on what I am allowed to invest in … I have been very happy with the results achieved.
Partner, Big 4 Accounting Firm

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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