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Your Lifetime Wealth Model

This has been referred to by our clients as the nearest thing we offer to a crystal ball. In reality, it is an online methodology that helps you see the details of all your wealth and assets assembled in one place. We use cutting-edge software to graphically and mathematically build up a clear and detailed financial model, enabling you to make important strategic decisions about your finances from a position of real knowledge.

We begin by plotting your income, assets, liabilities and expenditure. Once the basics are in place, we can add some key events – ‘What if’ scenarios such as the impact of education fees, early retirement or the purchase of a second home.

All the information comes together to produce an illustration of your cash flow throughout your lifetime. It gives us a clear picture of where you are now and the actions you will need to take to achieve your goals. This means that your financial decisions are always rooted in fact rather than based on guesswork.

A live suite of documents, it can easily be updated in line with any changes in your lifestyle or circumstances. This means it’s a comprehensive source of information that’s always relevant to current and future planning.

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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