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Leading technology and reporting

Good technology empowers you with knowledge. We have adopted some of the leading technologies available – to put you in control of your finances.

The Voyant Software of our Lifetime Wealth Model is award-winning and allows you unparalleled insight into your lifetime cashflow, accumulation of assets and how choices you make will impact them.

For our core platform clients our award winning 7IMagine App allows you control and oversight of your finances. Accessed using biometric identification, it allows you to see the performance, asset allocation and choice of benchmarks which are all available to you for all of your portfolio or broken down by SIPP, ISA, GIA or Bond. This empowers you and your adviser with constantly updated information to understand your investment position and act on threats or opportunities as your circumstances or perceptions change.

Our vision for future technology

We are actively working to provide clients with access to open banking, which means they will soon be able to see a complete view of their investible wealth, bank balances and mortgages.  Our clients will be amongst the first in the UK to see the totality of their assets in one comprehensive view available on one truly secure site.

Knowledge empowers good financial control, and our mission is to ensure we place it at your fingertips.

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