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Andrew Mina


Following my degree in Business Management & Accounting, I completed a Master of Science in Finance with Accounting; ranking top 5 in Modern Finance, and achieving distinctions in all investment focused modules. This gave me solid foundations to then achieve the coveted Chartered Financial Planner status, earlier than most, with an advanced specialism in Investment Management by multiple qualifications.

I take a diligent and proactive approach to financial planning; helping clients explore both the familiar and unfamiliar financial territory. Seeing the significant value that prudent wealth management adds to the lives of many, makes me extremely passionate and proud about what I do. My focus is to simplify complex matters, without compromising the technical quality of advice.

My professional experience is dominated by being part of a team, delivering independent advice to equity and salaried partners at the top end of legal and other professional sectors, at varying stages of their lives. I have also dealt with entrepreneurs, the medical sectors, investment bankers, fund managers, accountants and even a retired financial adviser. The common factor is our Lifetime Wealth Model, combined with our Tax Optimisation and Unique Investment Strategy, aims to ensure you are on track to achieve the goals you set. Our Consistent Service Experience ensures the recommendations we implement are actively reviewed and remain appropriate. A further unique offering here is our Private Office. This brings services to you which were formerly only accessible to the Ultra High Net Worth.

Having previously been selected to lead ‘Central Research and Knowledge Management’ across the firm, I am very familiar with the many options you as a client face. I have over a decade of experience in business and finance, considering academic, personal and professional levels, which have obvious benefits to clients.

In my spare time, I am involved in charity management and enjoy playing tennis. To wind down, I love to read, and swimming works wonders.