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Over the last few years, many individuals from Private Banks, Nationals, DFMs and small IFA firms have joined and thrived at Partners Wealth Management. All are attracted by our independence, strong technology and leading client proposition. However, the main attraction is building equity as a Partner in the business. This is underpinned by our culture of personal freedom that Advisers all too often are seeing eroded in their current positions.

We share some key desires:

  • To be in lifelong partnerships with our clients, based on outstanding service and trust.
  • To deliver outstanding independent advice to our clients, ensuring we always represent their best interests.
  • To harness technology to deliver financial knowledge to clients.
  • To provide an environment of freedom, allowing you as an Adviser to flourish.
  • To develop and feel rewarded from both our partnerships with our clients and peers.

Our overriding aim is to be recognised as the very best independent wealth management group in the UK.

For this, we need the very best to join us.

If you are experienced and enjoy a client following of £10m to £100m, then explore the way Partners Wealth Management has reinvigorated the careers of others in the video above.

If this interests you, please contact our Head of Development, Angie Cotter, on 020 3984 0732 or by email.

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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