4 PWM Private Office

We are here for your lifetime's wealth needs

Your Partners Wealth Management Adviser is the first port of call for any of your financial needs. Our aim is to provide a best of breed solution in any aspect of your financial life. Through our Private Office we provide the expertise internally or we source the relevant input from one of our established network of partners.

4 PWM Private Office

Internal excellence

  • Multi asset investment. Diversification to reduce risk
  • Tax efficient structures. Minimising the tax take to maximise your return
  • Enhancing deposits. Arranging your deposits to achieve a leading interest rate
  • Debt management. Driving your mortgage to the lowest possible cost or maximum flexibility
  • Equity release. Releasing capital from homes for you or your parents
  • Inheritance tax mitigation. Reducing the impact of tax on your family's inheritance
  • Protection. Sourcing life insurance and health protection at the lowest cost, correctly set up with trusts and specialist needs understood
  • Private medical care. Tailoring plans to your individual needs.

External partnerships

  • Wills. Ensuring your wishes are acted upon
  • Accountancy. From simple returns to complex planning and revenue disputes. UK and non UK
  • General insurance. Delivering the best value for home and commercial needs
  • Foreign exchange. Saving small fortunes.

There is no matter too small to run past your adviser.

You are looking out for me in stormy times, guiding me through pension changes, investments and financial planning, with sound knowledge of the markets, options and opportunities to give me clear, considered advice I trust for my future wellbeing.
Partner, Magic Circle Law Firm


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