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PWM Cross-Generational Family Advice

In partnership with AH Loder Advisers and Simon Bloom Consultancy

Strategic Succession and Performance consultants

What We Do

Our experience over the years in working with high net worth families and the next generation members of families gives us a unique advantage in this space to advise our clients or PWM’s clients on the key issues that they might encounter in the future or are currently encountering.

These include:

Next Generation Development.
 We provide mentoring and coaching to individuals on how to cope with the responsibilities and challenges of life. We advise them on anything from inheriting wealth and managing money, to navigating the precarious situations that life can throw at us (such as preparing for a job, or fulfilling the entrepreneurial wish to start a new business).

Succession Preparation.
Our Succession Preparation process helps provide the smooth transition of substantial wealth, of a Family Business or a Family Office to the next, looking at some of the pitfalls that might arise on that journey.

Family Governance & Conflict.
We will work with, guide and facilitate families to help define the roles and responsibilities of its members, run family meetings and provide succession management to name some of the key components. We also help facilitate conflict resolution sessions if a matter of disagreement arises amongst family members.

Improving Culture, Behaviour & Performance.
We focus on building high performance cultures for our clients. We use a range of tools that help us analyse the range of behavioural and thinking patterns in organisations, teams and individuals, with a key emphasis on judgement decision-making.

Family Office Establishment.
 We advise on the design and establishment of Family Offices. We do this by creating a bespoke infrastructure to protect family wealth by implementing the most appropriate strategy and culture and securing consensus on the family’s values and objectives.

Arctic Expedition.
 Our annual Arctic Dogsled Expedition across Norway and Sweden in April every year helps individuals develop their personal skills, knowledge, team skills and provides a unique environment for experiential outdoor learning. We also provide bespoke trips for families.

Please contact us at:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7042 9293

SBC Developing Human and Financial Capital

Who We Are

SBC is a unique, psychologically informed business consultancy. SBC specialise in working with families to help run and transition family enterprises as well as creating bespoke programmes to educate the next generation. Working with a range of enterprises, from small start-ups to multi-generational International families with significant wealth. SBC focuses on developing both human and financial capital to help businesses and families utilise their wealth in the best way possible.

Using neuroscience, organisational consulting coupled with strong financial acumen, SBC is uniquely placed to interact with individual family members and businesses as a whole.

SBC uses an approach called the Four Quadrant model. This looks at four distinct areas that people need to develop in order to achieve better double bottom line results for both human and financial assets. The Four Quadrants are:

  1. Emotional Intelligence
  2. Professional Skills
  3. The Culture of the Family and Work Place
  4. Financial and Business Systems

SBC will assess each quadrant, to establish and understand how skilled an individual is in each area. A plan is then produced, for each business that is bespoke, integrated and creative, with appropriate solutions and recommendations to achieve its maximum potential.

If you would like to discuss how SBC could help your organisation – please get in touch:
Telephone: +44 (0)20 8537 1652

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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