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Graham Andrade


The choice of your partner to achieve your life-long financial aspirations is based upon two key factors. The ability to build trusted relationships based upon an understanding of your ambitions and the competence to realise these.

During my career, I have learnt one of the key elements of success is to listen very carefully to my clients’ needs, wants and aspirations. This close attention to detail forms the foundation of advice ensuring that we consistently deliver the most advantageous outcomes for my clients.

I started my apprenticeship in banking and financial service 36 years ago, learning the basic principles of financial planning and wealth management.  During that time, I worked for a multinational financial firm, spending the last 14 years at Coutts and Co.

In the ever-changing world of financial advice, I firmly believe that in order to consistently provide the optimum outcomes for clients, it is paramount that the advice be truly independent.

Following robust due diligence, I have chosen to join Partners Wealth Management as I believe the firm meets all the criteria to provide a truly independent personalised individual service to my clients.