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PWM Insights – Tax Year End Special

Last year was an unusual one from a tax perspective, if for no other reason than there was no Budget statement at all.  This contrasts with recent years when, on occasion there have been what felt like three Budgets: one pre-Election, one post-Election plus a third quasi-Budget masquerading as an Autumn Statement. We now find ourselves in a different political landscape and moving towards a Budget on 11 March 2020, which will be followed a few weeks later by the end of the tax year.

In our latest edition of PWM Insights Duncan Wilson looks at some planning ideas to make the most of current opportunities, particularly around pensions, prior to the end of the tax year. Whilst each of these in isolation might seem relatively small, when these areas are combined and built over a number of years, they can provide a powerful contributor to optimise your tax-efficient income to help provide your financial freedom in the future.

If you have any questions regarding any of the issues raised, or if there are any particular topics that you would like us to consider in future editions, please do get in touch with your Partners Wealth Management adviser.

Duncan Wilson
Partner & Chartered Financial Planner
020 7444 4066


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