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PWM launch Sustainable Investment Strategy

We are delighted to announce the launch of our sustainable investment strategy, helping clients invest for their retirement with a more sustainable future in mind.

The strategy is a result of an aspiration held by the firm and our clients’ to ensure a sustainable future for following generations.  As consciousness for the social and environmental has evolved over the last decade, so has the capacity for investment in these fields. The natural outcome of this has been extensive research into the various discretionary sustainable offerings, which meet both sustainable and investment requirements.

Being truly independent, we select the most appropriate investment managers for clients from a large externally reviewed panel. We have extended this in-depth analysis to sustainable investing. Each discretionary manager has their own approach to sustainable investing which can cause confusion. We are able to present a wide range of sustainable investment strategies across the four main categories on the green investment spectrum: Negative screening, Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG), Socially Responsible investing (SRI) and Impact Investing. We match each clients’ requirements with the appropriate sustainable portfolio, rather than offering a single investment proposition.

Richard Atherton, Head of Investment Research & Sustainable Investing, commented: “The market is rapidly expanding and evolving.  Following extensive research and analysis, we are proud to offer a whole of market sustainable investment offering to our clients. It is only by being truly independent that we can maintain the necessary oversight and objectivity to find the best solutions to meet our clients’ sustainable investment needs. Not only can individuals choose how sustainably to live their lives but they can also choose how sustainably they wish to invest. This can have a direct impact on how companies behave. Capitalism may be part of the problem but it will also be part of the solution. Those companies that best adapt to this changing investment environment will see larger inflows of capital.”

James Roberts, Managing Partner, commented, “Markets produce profits for those companies that solve the problems society demands are tackled.  No issue looms larger in the 2020’s than climate change. Investors can influence our future by focussing their investment choices towards the companies aligned to SRI producing solutions to today’s problems. By doing this investors will gain access to assets with the potential to outperform and to positively impact company policy, shifting behaviour to meet shareholder demands. We wanted to pioneer a methodology for financial advisers that will better inform clients, demystify the jargon and present real sustainable investment solutions across the green investment spectrum. We believe we have identified a strategy which aligns these issues.”


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