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PWM launch second academy to evolve the next generation of financial advisers

Following the success of the first, we have launched a second adviser academy, designed to equip our paraplanners with greater client-facing and soft skills. This is to assist them as they develop into the next stage of their careers, as a new generation of advisers.

Managing Partner James Roberts said:
“Our first academy in 2016 was a huge success. All five paraplanners that completed the course are thriving in their new roles. Two are now full-time advisers, with two more soon to make the move next year. The focus of our academy is to provide our up and coming talent with the soft skills of empathy, understanding and questioning that are so vital to the client-centric advisers’ skill set, but hard to learn from our exam-based approach to development.

We have a brilliant team of advisers in the firm, but as we grow there is a need for more people to join the team due to the finite number of clients a single adviser can successfully support, aided by leading technology and a strong team. We wish to grow organically as well as through lateral hires and our academy will help our best paraplanners develop their skills, and support our advisers as they advise the high net worth clients we attract.

For many years, the financial services sector could be rightly accused of being very male-dominated. Thus, we are particularly pleased that this year’s merit based intake of hugely talented humans happen to have a 50:50 gender balance.”