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James Roberts

Head of Strategy and Proposition of Private Wealth (PWM & 7IM)

Having co-founded PWM and building it into one of the country’s leading independent wealth boutiques over the last 20 years, in 2023 I became the Head of Strategy and Proposition of the Private Wealth within the wider 7IM Group.

I have a deeply felt belief in the right way to help people build better lives supported by conscious knowledge of all matters financial and security in their wealth strategy. This new role gives me the opportunity to try to bring that philosophy to tens of, and in time hundreds of thousands of, people.

Creating and enhancing the journey to Financial Freedom for each individual client is at the heart of what made PWM unique and is translating into what we do throughout the 7IM Group. Our clients are high net worth, future orientated and often time poor professionals. Our role is to take away a concern and replace it with an (all too rarely found) competence. We encompass cash flow planning, tax optimisation, deposit return enhancement and bespoke investment strategy.

My time at Equitable Life taught me that in a crisis big institutions represent themselves not their clients. My time at Coutts showed how too often in banks, clients are a step to a promotion not the essence of all one does.

Outside of work my other passions, alas too frequently neglected, are wine, skiing, cricket, tennis and stimulating company. Preferably, and frequently, in combination.