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Private Client Accountants

Over the years, we have forged strong and lasting business relationships with many accountants. We know that there are various areas where our experience and knowledge can be useful, enabling them to offer additional valuable services to their high net worth clients.

We understand the special nature of the relationship an accountant has with their clients, and through working in close collaboration, we have been able to deliver bespoke solutions that work effectively for for all parties.

What we offer

We know that the key to a great accountant-client-financial adviser relationship is timely communication and information.  Our expertise lies in working in partnership to give clients the comprehensive joined-up thinking, advice and exemplary client care that they require at each stage of their lives. This combines day-to-day tax planning and accounting with long-term financial planning and unique investment strategies.

We see this in terms of a reciprocal arrangement; we can support you as you build and enhance your client relationships and in turn introduce your services to our clients. It makes our life easier if our clients use accountants we work well with and trust, and in turn we aim to offer the type and level of service that means you’ll be more than happy to recommend us to others.

Working with a Partners Wealth Management adviser

  • The creation of a Lifetime Wealth Model for clients. This charts all income, expenditure, assets and liabilities over our clients’ lifetimes, enabling them to see their future cash flow mapped out as they make progress towards stated financial goals. This is an invaluable tool, particularly when it comes to important scenarios such as funding for school fees, the purchase of second homes, or exploring the option of early retirement.
  • Our Tax Optimisation Strategy ensures that all annual allowances are used to make sure a marginal rate of tax is driven to low single figures on retirement.
  • Investment Independence and Innovation. Our independence is vitally important, not least because it gives us the freedom to give your clients the unbiased advice they need on every aspect of their finances.We have no in-house products to sell, and are truly independent from any financial group or provider. This means we aren’t beholden to third parties, and are free to make the right decisions based solely on the client’s needs.We tailor investment strategies to suit each individual client. With over a billion pounds of client assets under management, we have access to advantageous terms.
  • Your 360° Service provides clients with access to leading advice in any sphere of financial advice: mortgages, property search, wills and estate planning, general insurance, foreign exchange, deposit maximisation and other professional advice such as accountancy, hopefully through you.
  • We provide our ‘Tax Pack’ direct to you. This removes the hassle of collecting client data, and contains all the information required for their tax returns: details of their portfolio, annual capital gains tax position, dividends, interest, pension contributions, chargeable events and other reliefs such as VCT, EIS or SEIS investments.
  • Leading technology and reporting. Clients have a detailed annual review to ensure their personal plan remains on track, and they have online access 24/7 through our secure portal, enabling them to view their entire wealth in one place. However, we’re always on hand and happy to answer any question, whether it’s generic or on behalf of a particular client, whether they are our client or not.
  • The closer we work together, the better the advice for our shared clients. If we’re thinking of recommending new investment types or new structures, then we’d always discuss matters with you first.

Our aim is to work in partnership with you to deliver an outstanding service to your clients. It is often through the smallest initial question that our deepest relationships emerge. Feel free to contact us, you’ll find us knowledgeable, experienced, friendly and approachable.

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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