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Robin Cameron



“I was introduced to Rob Cameron by my then-employer. He has advised me on pensions and investments for about 20 years. I am self-employed and of retirement age. The strategy I have adopted on Rob’s advice has met the target we agreed several years ago.”

Music Industry Executive

“Robin has been our financial advisor for a number of years and we have always been happy with the outcomes of his advice and the way that that advice has been delivered. Setting out our financial goals and actions in a straightforward way has helped us enormously. Outcomes have kept up with our expectations and we are on track to meet our goals.”

Business Transformation Consultant

“Robin is fully understanding and appreciative of my situation and is very willing to come to see me whenever I feel the need and ask him to do so. He has also offered advice that other Financial Advisers have not done. I highly recommend him.”

Private Sector Landlord

“Robin is very consultative in nature and has excellent overall knowledge of investments, planning and tax matters. He lays out the full picture with all of the options and helps you choose correctly based on circumstance and strategy.”

Research, Advice & Consulting

“Robin is professional, helpful and very knowledgeable on all aspects of my financial affairs. He offers valuable advice on a regular basis and is always available at short notice to discuss any issues I need help on.”

Account Management & Sales

Having worked in the financial services industry for well over 20 years, I joined Partners Wealth Management in order to return to being a truly ‘independent’ financial planner, unbiased and unrestricted – working as a trusted adviser – not tied to any particular solution or model.

My clients have either already accumulated a degree of wealth or are in the process of doing so. They are well informed individuals who lead successful lives. They are used to both making their own decisions and delegating where this is time and cost effective.

My aim is to help them to continue to accumulate, enhance and protect their wealth. I do this by providing practical, tax efficient and transparent advice surrounded by a highly proactive service. I prompt my clients to identify their dreams, worries and responsibilities. From this we can design and build plans to achieve their goals. Financial planning at this level is interactive, dynamic and constantly evolving. The plans are never static as professional and personal circumstances and goals change. Therefore an on-going review process is essential.

Financial planning advice, like all opinion, is a function of experience and knowledge. Along with over 20 years of experience in the financial services industry, I became a Chartered Financial Planner in 2007 and I’m now also a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society having passed approximately 17 exams in a diverse range of subjects such as tax, trusts, investments, pensions, long-term care planning and equity release mortgages.

I live in the Thames Valley with my wife Sue and our two children.