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Robert Stratton-Brown


As one of only a handful of financial planners with an MBA and multi-national business experience, I am only too aware of the importance of financial planning but know how easy it is to put off these important decisions.

I joined Partners Wealth Management in 2013, recognising a company that offers my clients the best chance to grow and enhance their wealth. The earlier the financial planning process is started, the more successful the outcome is likely to be.

My role is to look after your financial wellbeing now and into the future whether you are accumulating wealth, enjoying your retirement, or planning how best to pass on your legacy to your children and grandchildren.

After completing my MBA at Manchester Business School, where I achieved a Director’s List pass, I spent ten years working in industry for BOC in a number of roles including an excellent four years in South Africa where I managed a business unit serving customers across southern Africa and also project-managed a significant acquisition.

My aim is to utilise my wider commercial skills to stimulate a broad discussion with my clients encompassing the wider economy, markets and investments.