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David Bull


As a Chartered Financial Planner with over 15 years’ experience, joining Partners Wealth Management was an easy decision. True Independence is increasingly difficult for clients to find, and the flexible, planning-led approach of PWM means I am free to provide an entirely tailored service to my clients, without constraints on my recommendations or delivery of advice.

I firmly believe that a personalised, individual and long-term service is the only way to deliver a financial plan and avoid potential pitfalls. Making financial decisions can be daunting, so I pride myself on avoiding jargon and using plain English, so my client can better understand the options open to them and feel more confident in the outcome.

I have a great deal of experience helping clients in the run-up to retirement, ensuring that they are able to get off on the right foot and relax. A critical part of this can also be ensuring loved ones and next of kin are financially secure. I also enjoy helping entrepreneurs and owner-managers make the most of their opportunities, while working, and on eventual exit.

I have been involved in industry roundtable discussion on best practice for retirement planning, and am proud to have been designated a Fellow of the Personal Finance Society.

Away from the office, I enjoy the gym, being Uncle David, and the rollercoaster experience that is being an Arsenal fan…