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The journey through a career in law can be as demanding as it is potentially rewarding. The early years can be particularly tough. As experience is gained, earnings rise, but so too do demands on income.

One of the challenges that busy solicitors frequently face is how to put in place the right financial strategy for their future. They often find themselves moving from being employed to self-employed as they progress towards partnership. At each stage, being able to rely on truly independent financial advice, that takes a holistic view of their circumstances, will ensure that they have the right plans in place that provide the building blocks for their financial freedom.

Wherever you are in the profession, we have a solution to help.  Whether you are in the magic circle, a full-service firm or a boutique, we recognise the need for flexibility when working with you. We have in-depth experience dealing with the challenges and obstacles you may face at different stages of your career.

Comprehensive advice for the challenges you face

We work with solicitors from across all sectors within the profession.

We understand your particular needs and provide advice on investments, mortgages, pensions, retirement and tax planning bespoke to your individual requirements, freeing up time so that you can concentrate on pursuing your professional goals.

We know from experience that you may face some or all of the following challenges:

  • Building a substantial pension fund so that you can attain your financial freedom at a time of your choosing.
  • Making sure your investments are independently assessed and in line with your risk profile.
  • Ensuring that you have the right protection policies in place that mean if you were unable to work due to serious illness or injury, or were to die, your family’s lifestyle would be fully protected.
  • Obtaining the right mortgage advice and getting the best deal for your property needs

Your Lifetime Wealth Model

We begin by asking you searching questions about your financial situation, your goals, aspirations and needs. Where our skills lie, is in helping you develop a coherent and flexible long-term strategy, a lifetime financial plan. Your Lifetime Wealth Model will also be the first building block in your retirement planning strategy.

Our service includes other important features such as a Tax Optimisation Strategy that ensures we address with you the payment of future tax bills alongside longer-term tax planning measures. We can review your mortgage requirements, and explain how an offset mortgage could meet your specific needs. We’ll also consider you and your family’s need for protection policies that would provide if you were unable to work or were to die.

Investment Independence and Innovation

What clients particularly value about the service we offer is our Investment Independence and Innovation from any group or bank. This means that we aren’t under pressure to promote or sell the products offered by any one provider. We never adopt a ‘one size fits all’ approach, but instead work with clients to assess their individual needs, their appetite for risk and the length of time they wish to be invested.

We’re then free to make the most appropriate recommendations for them based on our in-depth market knowledge and research. We create tailored portfolios, selecting blends of best of breed managers, utilising the unique insights we gain from our partners, leading research group Asset Risk Consultants (ARC).

By being truly independent, your adviser is able to create a bespoke portfolio tailored to your risk appetite, utilising investment groups who excel in your particular risk area. We know that some manager’s style suits those clients looking for potential high return with high risk, while other managers deliver in more cautious consistent styles.

PWM's Private Office

Our clients have access to a range of valuable Private Office services, all designed to be the first port of call for the specific needs of high net worth individuals. These services include:

  • dynamic cash management for superior returns;
  • bespoke insurance plans;
  • estate planning, financial advice on Wills and Trusts;
  • property search and mortgage provision in the UK and internationally; and
  • tailored foreign exchange solutions.

Clients who work with us benefit from our flexible regular reviews which can be at scheduled to suit their work commitments, and as we pride ourselves on the level of attentive client care we provide, we are always on hand to deal with queries or provide advice. If you’re looking for a team of independent professional advisers who can help you build your financial freedom, then do get in touch.

For further information on how we can help you build and protect your wealth, please contact us.

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