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Making a Difference

We were recognised as ‘Green Advisers’ by The Times in June 2019, for our drive to help clients orientate their pensions and portfolios to sustainable investments. Our sustainable explanations and range of solutions are educating and informing client choice about what are we doing as a firm. However, what are we doing internally to match our external drive for sustainability?

What we have achieved so far 

  • Banning the bottle. In 2017 we used 3,000 plastic bottles in meeting rooms. Now it is zero as we have branded, refillable glass bottles of water in our meeting rooms. In 2020 we gave all staff shampoo bars from Dolores & Rose. If we stop using plastic shampoo/conditioner bottles, 10,000 less plastic bottles will be produced in the next decade.
  • Technology is driving paperless service. Technology in meeting rooms and client portals mean paper reports, valuations and applications are being reduced towards a goal of zero.
  • In a further push to be paperless, everyone in the office has two computer screens to encourage less printing.
  • We take responsibility for our energy usage by turning off lights and equipment in our meetings rooms when they are not being used during the day, and outside of office hours.
  • We have LED bulbs in the office, which use 75% less energy and can last up to three times as long. They are also non-toxic and recyclable.
  • We have a ViTap which provides instant hot and cold water (still and sparkling), which is more energy efficient than constantly boiling a kettle of water.
  • We are printing all new collateral on recycled FSC certified stock, using low volatile organic compound (VOC) processes and delivered using a carbon neutral delivery service.
  • Our offices are a CyclingStore certified building, allowing members of the firm to a range of cycling services and discounts all year round in a drive to encourage a greener commute to work. Changing rooms with showers are also available.
  • Recycling points can be found across our office that people are actively encouraged to use.
  • Printer toner cartridges are recycled.

Next Steps

We are conducting a staff survey to give everyone in the firm an opportunity to suggest ideas to further improve the environmental efficiency of our business.

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