5 Your Consistent Service Experience

The bedrock of our life long relationship

A consistent service experience is our commitment to you to do what we say, and more. To deliver a consistent service year in, year out, behind the scenes and front of house.

This involves

  • Regular reviews each year when we check progress against your personal goals
  • Your Lifetime Wealth Model is updated
  • Your Tax Optimisation Strategy checked
  • Your Unique Investment Strategy is examined for any threats and opportunities thrown up by markets or legislation
  • Your adviser is on hand throughout the year as other needs arise
  • Our update service keeping you informed about budgets and prompts year end action
  • Access to the Partners Wealth Management Portal where you can see the entirety of your investable wealth valued on a day-by-day basis.

This combination of an acknowledged expert and digital portal empowers you with all the financial knowledge you need.

We would like to be your first port of call for all your financial needs.

I've worked with Partners Wealth Management for a decade. During this time my requirements have changed but your advice has always been timely, professional and flexible. In a very rapidly changing world this type of consistency is difficult to find. There are many sources of advice and many different products out there. The one thing that underpins them all is trust – and that is at the heart of the PWM philosophy
Chris Lewis, CEO, LEWIS PR, www.lewispr.com

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